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SUN Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) will handle and protect any personal information that you provide on the Company’s website such as your name and address (hereinafter “Personal Information”) in an appropriate manner in accordance with our privacy policy. We have developed our privacy policy as described below in consideration of protection of our customers’ Personal Information.

Privacy Policy

The Company shall handle and protect its customers’ personal information (hereinafter “Personal Information”) in an appropriate manner in compliance with the Company’s regulations.

The Company shall inform you of the purpose of use of Personal Information and the Company’s contact information when collecting Personal Information. The Company shall collect Personal Information to an extent sufficient to achieve the purpose of its use by the Company.

Purposes of Use
  • The Company may use Personal Information to contact you by email, phone or other means to reply to your inquiry sent to us through the Company’s website. The Company shall not use such information for other purposes.
  • The Company may aggregate data on access to the Company’s website as log information for statistical purposes, and may disclose such information.
  • The Company may share Personal Information with our suppliers when an order is placed or an estimate is required for a product of the Company, in order to confirm information on the sale destination.
  • The Company may share Personal Information with our catalog supplier as delivery information when you request our product catalog.

The Company shall use Personal Information within the scope of the above purposes of use and manage Personal Information in an appropriate and ethical manner. Except where permitted or required by law or in special circumstances, the Company shall not disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party without obtaining consent from the customer.

The Company shall endeavor to keep the content of Personal Information accurate and up to date, and take necessary measures in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering or leakage, etc.

The Company may outsource the handling of Personal Information to an outside service provider. In such a case, the Company shall make an agreement with the service provider to obligate the provider not to leak or transfer Personal Information to a third party, and to manage Personal Information in an appropriate manner.

The Company shall comply with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and rules pertaining to handling of personal information, and review and revise our privacy policy described in the above paragraphs1 to 5 appropriately.